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As the Federal Reserve has indicated lowering inflation is a top priority and raising short term interest rates as its primary tool to do this, we have seen mortgage markets react with higher rates (mortgage rates are not directly tied to the Fed rate, but they often move in the same direction).
The 30 year rate moved up to 5.89% this week accord B ing to Freddie Mac. While these rates are higher than pandemic lows, the still fall into the historic “normal” range.
While the Fed is taking a strong position against inflation, we are seeing market conditions improve in some areas. As Dawit Kebede, an economist for the Credit Union National Association noted recently, “there are signs that some of the main drivers of inflation are easing, such as lower oil and other commodity prices in July, slower wage growth, and declining supply chain pressures.”
There is also a renewed interest in ARM loans with the 5/1 ARM at an average of 4.52% last week.
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